Speak Live Comedy has one mission:

to provide support for Comedians.


We intend to build a multi-stage,

one-stop Resource Center for Comedians

in los angeles.






Speak Live Comedy is a private nonprofit organization formed by Comedians for Comedians that supports the needs of stand-up comedy by providing housing, education, meals and stage access for Comedians. We are currently acting as:


  • A Performance Arts Center – providing stage access to Comedians as a creative outlet


  • Healthy Meals – providing vegan meals and instruction on how to grow and eat plant-based


  • Housing – providing emergency shelter for Comedians who are suffering hardships


  • Education – through seminars,  private and group coaching, we assist Comedians on how to use available resources to facilitate their careers as Comedians including, web design classes, business resources, joke writing, et al.


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® 2018 Speak Live Comedy | Est. 2018 A nonprofit society organized for the purpose of providing educational and supportive services, emergency housing, meals, etc., to Comedians, qualified for exemption under section 501(c)(3) as a charitable organization providing relief to performers.